The Friday Night Turnup 2/6/16
06 Feb 2016 | 103.9 FM (OC 104)

Silent Parties / Silent Dances

The Corporate Quality Standard

We have the industry’s finest noise-cancelling silent disco headphones with a flatter frequency response good for studio work, spoken word, and other events as well.

Our Equipment

We utilize the industry’s finest noise-cancelling 3-channel silent disco headphones. Our model is 3-channels, and it includes multi-colored LED lights which change colors based on the channel to which the user is listening. You are able to “see” what others are hearing and, by looking out into the crowd, know right away who’s playing the hottest tune right this moment!

Three Channels of Sound Entertainment


Each show can have up to 3 separate transmitters that are broadcasting 3 different signals. These transmitters offer an effective range of over 200 meters (over 2 football fields away!).